Information For Members

The Notice Board is to inform Members of any changes that is happening within the Club and any issues that may effect the club.

Updated 21st March 2020


The club is currently closed and will reopen as soon as possible.

 Lotto Draw

Please Note: When the club re-opens the Weekly Sunday Lotto Draw shall take place in the back Lounge each Sunday between 1700 hrs (5pm) & 1800 hrs (6pm).


  • The lotto jackpot is currently £2,575. Any entrant matching 3 numbers will win £10.

Door Entry & Membership Cards 

  • The  club has a new door entry system which allows members to use their membership card to gain access to the club. Any member who is still using the old membership card should obtain a replacement from the bar staff. Members should have their membership card with them while using the club facilities, the bar staff should ask you for your card on each occasion you make a purchase.