Information For Members

The Notice Board is to inform Members of any changes that is happening within the Club and any issues that may effect the club.

updated 24/4/16

 Lotto Draw

Please Note: The Weekly Sunday Lotto Draw shall take place in the back Lounge each Sunday between 1700 hrs (5pm) & 1800 hrs (6pm).


  • The prize money for the 3 numbers in the Club lotto will be increased to £50, this will take effect from Sunday 1st May 2016 until Sunday  29th May 2016, This increase is for the month of May 2016 only


  •    Can Members please carry their Membership card while using the club facilities, the bar staff have been briefed to ask you for your card when ordering your first drink, this is to help us identify lapsed members.

  • Will Members please sign in their guests when using the club (this is a legal) requirement 

  • When entering and leaving the Club can members keep the noise to a minimum